Gettin' wild & crazy with an 11 month old

105053-660510-thumbnail.jpgThe whole purpose of this entry is just to tell somebody...anybody really...that my sister has given birth to a stark raving wild child. I don't quite know when he transferred over from "Cute and energetic and highly entertaining baby" to "Truly adorable while being outrageously intense with his energy level and you're a bloomin' idiot if you think you'll ever be able to keep up, even for an afternoon, and those bruises? Don't worry your pretty head about how he got 'em. Your job is to make sure he doesn't get forty eleven thousand more, missy."

  • Lunchtime? Just an experiment to see how many gooshy, mooshy things can fall to the floor 'cause we're still not convinced about this gravity business.
  • 105053-660515-thumbnail.jpgNaptime? An excellent time to crawl on auntie, and climb the wall 'cause she won't let you fall on your head but even if you wanted to, it's kinda' fun to see how high you can bounce on the bed when you flop yourself over in that backbend thing.
  • Diaper-changing time? Fun to see if you can drive this woman totally insane while you do that corkscrew thing with your body while she tries to use only two hands and sometimes one or two of her feet holding you into place while you squirm and try to take flight before she gets your clothes on.
You can love 'em and still classify 'em under the heading of "fine birth control." Not kidding. Even a tiny little bit...