Big Birthday Hoo Hah

105053-691461-thumbnail.jpgBirthdays rock. Period. It's how my family set it up during (before?) my childhood, and it's how I intend to continue. I mean, what could be better than a whole day dedicated to someone's mere existence?! But birthdays for a wee, small person are very much cool in new and interesting ways. Which, of course, I learned all about this week when my nephew had his first ever birthday party.

Of course at the Crazy Baby Birthday Party In The Park yesterday, Mr. Pie didn't know or really much care that it was his birthday celebration. He had people caring for and loving and fawning over him as per usual and there were sights and sounds enough to go around. Turned out the baby really was probably overstimulated by the time he'd been in the park for an hour or so, but there were good times for him and all his guests. Which made the day quite a success, in spite of the dropping temperatures 105053-691464-thumbnail.jpg(Yes, it was February and yes the park was outside...but on Tuesday or Wednesday the temperatures were something like 70 with predictions that made the Party Planners hopeful,) and full-throttle children running amok everywhere we looked. Perhaps that's evidence enough that the party was a success, upon second thought! The Running Amok Children, that is.

Looking at the photos today, I enjoyed tons and tons of them. But I found it interesting that rather than being concerned with the other under-ten guests, I mostly enjoyed seeing the looks of 105053-691473-thumbnail.jpgenjoyment on the faces of my family members. Maybe most of all, on the faces of my parents. They waited a long time to become grandparents. A long, long, loooong time. What fun this is turning out to be for them.

I don't have permission to post photos of my parents but I'm gonna' anyway. So you can see what I'm talking about. I think they won't mind.

PS: Mr. Pie's pretty adorable too, eh?