"Crazy baby party" in the park

105053-689685-thumbnail.jpgOf course they're never exactly "crazy" and they're always great, grand fun but some time back (before the first one that celebrated his arrival in the world,) I started referring to any parties held by my family to honor Mr. Pie, The Sultan of Cool, as Crazy Baby Parties. 'Cause there's always gonna' be at least one wacky story when we're all done, and usually more than that.

105053-689689-thumbnail.jpgSince yesterday was his very first birthday, today was chosen as the most auspicious time to celebrate His Highness. Most auspicious time that would be convenient to, oh, perhaps 30 or so of His Royal Subjects, that is. So sometime later on today, with our coats zipped up tight to keep out the wind that may join us but was not necessarily predicted when the park was declared 105053-689691-thumbnail.jpgThe New Location For The Crazy Baby Party, we'll gather with all sorts of friends and family members and eat pizza and cake and laugh and take a gajillion pictures and see how this little dude feels about being the center of attention in this new and interesting way. Seeing as how last time this many people were gathered in his honor he slept most of the day and didn't know we were in the world.

He sure knows we're in the world now. Evidence pointed this out to us early on when we discovered that the more of us there are paying attention to him, the more cool stuff he could get us to do for him, and he was happier and happier. The cool stuff we do for him, of course, is fairly straightforward: such as fetching the things he throws for us to retrieve for him. 105053-689693-thumbnail.jpgAs is evidenced by this lovely series of photos. I took these a couple of hours ago during a glorious chain of events during which Mr. Pie most certainly reasserted his dominance and glee at having me as one of his highest-level royal subjects as I was very mindful of his desires. Mostly. Seeing as how his desire was to have me bring him the weird, new, colorful, curly toy he so enjoyed today, so he could throw it on the floor so I could pick it up again and he could throw it down again and I could taunt him with it and when he won and got it back he could throw it yet again. It bounces nicely. Which he discovered and which added even more delight to his game of having the adult at his Usual And Customary Beck And Call.  ('Cause what else have I got going on?) He wore us both out and now he's sleeping which is, no doubt, a very fine thing indeed, seeing as what's ahead of him later on today.

105053-689699-thumbnail.jpgOkay, so I'll quick peek through the shots I took and try to choose a few that best reflect, most accurately, the fun Pie & Auntie had on his first day after turning 1. Then his parents will come home from their Sans Baby Outing and we'll go about our business. Until, that is, we reconvene for the afternoon celebrations. I'll let you know how it goes. When I've recuperated from what will, I'm certain, be fun and exhausting excitement. OH aren't those grandparents gonna' be thrilled with this little person when they arrive in town today???