Brooches! Novel idea for "master list"

Last week I got an email from a college-era friend who wondered, among other things, if I ever make brooches. Now there's a thought! 'Cause, see, I did make a few brooches one time. One was for a commission, and a few others ended up kinda' ugly. (Which wasn't their fault...I just didn't make enough to let the "law of averages" work in my favor.) After which time I actually do believe I forgot all about them! No kidding. It was on one or two of my lists, to "make brooches." Doing so was just as easy as making pendant necklaces and, in a certain light, even easier what with not having to center the placement of a hole for cord or even worrying about drilling one...which has been known to "mess up" a design.

My much loved and missed "Bigmama" never, ever wore necklaces. She always wore brooches. Had a whole entire jewelry box full of them. And so when faced with the idea from a person who has metal allergies or otherwise is disinclined to wear necklaces, the idea always appeals.

But I forgot about them anyway.

So this afternoon when I join Marcy in the studio to design some new pieces, guess what I'll be making!? 

More on how that turns out, later on...