His computer doesn't like me & other reasons you haven't gotten reply emails...

Sheesh! It's wrong enough I have 22 emails in my inbox from the past 2 days, all of one of which requires a response. This tweaks with my inner something-or-other 'cause I like to respond to my emails semi-promptly. And since I didn't remember to take my phone charger to the beach with me yesterday, I also didn't have the option of responding that way. So at the moment I'm sitting here using a computer that is not my own, and for the third time in a row - while somewhere in the third line of an email response - the computer has provided me with this courteous, handy little popup message. Handy message tells me that the system has encountered an error and is about to shut down. But would I like to report the problem??? Uh, NO. I would like for you to stop ruining my plans of sending the email I've now typed twice and will have to now begin again. I would like for you to just hold your horses for three little tiny minutes and let me just write, then successfully send, my email. Then you may feel free to shut down all you like.

I'm not given over to fits of "this is what I loathe about technology" on a regular basis. Working with computers as often as I do I've learned what to expect. There are inconveniences I consider appropriate for the heading "it goes with the territory." This is not one of those inconveniences I consider appropriate. Because it seems The Computer That Doesn't Like Me has a different set of rules than the one I'm accustomed to using. I have yet to crack the code about just what it is the computer doesn't want me doing when I'm happily tooling along in She Who Responds To Emails mode. Note to self: get things set up all the way on that practically brand new laptop and stop whining about the use of somebody else's computer. Which, by the way, is mighty handy to have right about this minute.

So if you're waiting for an email from me, don't despair; I'm confident I'll get through the list very soon. But not tonight. And maybe not tomorrow either, seeing as how I have a date with The Sultan of Cool Who Is About To Turn One Whole Year Old. His Highness is not very patient at all when I sit down to handle emails with him in my lap. Which means I do not do it. But soon... Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their weekend!