Weekend o' surprises

The first time Mom looked our way, she didn't see us at all. A little while later, walking back down the hallway into the lobby, her eyes settled on my face. It took three or four blinks before it registered to my SC-dwelling mother that I was standing in front of her. I haven't been to Greenville since Christmas and she didn't know I was coming Saturday, either. But Dad did and he was really, reeeeeally pleased with his coup. J. and I drove Saturday morning to join my parents at a Blessing Ceremony at St. Francis where my dad is a chaplain, and surprise my mom. It wasn't necessarily about the ceremony, although the timing was lovely, but more about the fact that Mom's birthday was the day before and why not surprise her with a visit? And let her meet The Guy at the same time?

When I try to think about other possible ways to make my mom smile as much as I got to see her smile on Saturday, nothing comes to mind. Nope, not a single alternative at all. She was quite happy with her little surprise. And since we got to hear some lovely music and enjoy this ceremony, too, her day was pretty thrilling. Okay. I did just realize that if her grandson had been in my arms, the day might have been more complete. But otherwise...

A little while ago, just back in town when I talked to her she said, "I'm still shocked!" And she is, no doubt, too.

There's a thing with my family and birthdays. Since ADD and other Procrastination And Overbooking-Related Challenges run rampant through said family, we often can't quite get it together to host hugemongous fancy parties (or even smallish, elegant ones,) but we always do what we can to give The Birthday One a lovely day. We mean to, anyway. The dollar amount rarely factors into the plans, but more the specialness of the person's celebration. And so when we decided to drive down and I told Dad maybe we should hold off on telling Mom until I could decide if I wanted her to know, he was game. Jumped right in and invited us to join them for their already-scheduled plans, too. Now, after the fact, it seems perfect that we elected not to tell her in advance. That facial expression alone was priceless.

After the Hospital Do we had a lovely walk at Falls Park on Reedy River. Which is almost always a part of any visits to see my folks. (The "why" will become immediately apparent when you peek at the photo on their website.) And some fun conversations. And some nice warm coffee. Temperatures being what they were, and all.

All-in-all it was a quick trip, since we worked in some other things (we're both big on packing in as much as possible when we take a trip anywhere, so it works out for all concerned,) but I'm glad my Mom was happy with her surprise. Later, maybe I'll tell you about the other surprise our trip provided. No time for that now, though.

Next weekend we'll be celebrating another birthday, but this time my parents will be coming up here. Which will be a totally different kind of Very Big Deal. Yup. Birthday Season in my family just keeps on going...!