She so needs a blog...

Of course you think of most of your friends as interesting, right? And many of them are perhaps funny too, no? It's certainly true in my life. In fact, so true that for as long as I've known what a blog is, I've seriously thought a couple of my friends should have their own. If for no other reason, than for my own personal amusement. As of this writing, neither one of them have shown any interest. So I just make do by reading their emails whenever that pleasure comes my way.

It occurs to me, even as I set this up, that only about a third of my readers are likely to think this is as funny as I do. Since most of you don't have "the back story" so to speak, which includes knowing my friend's facial expressions and hearing her voice in my head, and having known her for so many years as to be able to mentally transfer what she writes into a scene as if I'd heard her actually say it. Nonetheless, I'm going to share a smidge from this morning's email from friend, Rhi, one of my Seattle pals. 'Cause it made me laugh, that's why!

I did a mitzvah (a good deed, in hebrew) and babysat for one of Aaron's co-workers last night because Valentine's is like the busiest day at their restaurant, and needless to say I only got 4 hours of sleep before having to be at work at 7 this morning, and one wonders if perhaps sometimes mitzvot aren't worth the trouble... and then one thinks "I'm a horrible, evil, selfish person for even thinking that".

But at least I got to take a nice nap this afternoon when I came home, and now I'm going to watch Scrubs, and I might even go to bed before 10 and get almost 8 hours of sleep!!! That's just crazy talk.

That's all! Cheers!