First Valentine's Day for ADD couple

For one typically averse to That Highly Commercial Holiday Which Sets Itself Up To Promote The Expression Of Love, yesterday was more than a little unusual for me. Which is to say I didn't loathe the idea of the holiday, and even found myself curious as to what it might involve. Seeing as how there's someone important, now, with whom to share lots of things. Including holidays geared around the wearing of red and offering chocolates and cards and flowers, if that's the way one chooses to celebrate it.

J. wanted to prepare a nice dinner for me. Perhaps I should mention J. is a culinary school graduate with some impressive Executive Chef highlights on his resume. So of course I was pleased to have said dinner prepared for me. Unlike a lot of people I know who seem to regard shopping for food as right up there with teeth cleaning and selling a house that needs some work during a buyer's market, I rather enjoy shopping at the supermarket. Particularly with someone who's about to cook for me.

So we're walking through the aisles, the cart's filling up with interesting products we've chosen together and the conversation's flowing in the manner customary for two people the professionals (as well as loved ones,) prefer take medications to enhance focus. A fine time is being had by all. And then the following exchange occurred:

Him: Baby?
Me: Yes?
Him: Why exactly did you skip your Adderall today?
Me: Excuse me?
Him: Any ideas?
Me: Hm. Well...

He didn't really want the long version, anyway. We laughed and it was okay; he knew and I knew that he knew and it wasn't a big deal because sometimes you don't take your ADD meds. Fortunately when one of the Attention Challenged is talking to another, they at least "get" the rhythms and reasons one may or may not wish to medicate on any given day.

Later in the evening, conversation allowed for more amusement, even:

Me: I'm curious about something.
Him: Yes?
Me: Sometimes even when I do take meds, my mind won't be still. Why was it you were so sure I hadn't taken it this time?
Him: (With a not-entirely evil giggle.) Oh, there was no question. The second we walked into the store and you saw all the pretty things and there were all the people and colors and sights and sounds, your brain sped up and tried to take it all in. But you couldn't. And you talked about everything you thought of, and...

The chat disintegrated fairly soon after that; fortunately it ended in much laughter. In the way, actually, that only those whose brains are wired in a similar fashion will even know how to laugh about. To the others, it's no doubt a mighty excruciating experience. To him? Well, he's still a guy and that makes his mind fundamentally, er, guy-like. But it's lovely to say, too, that he gets it and the result is usually much, much laughter all around. Something for the Gratitude Lists.

By the way - the meal was splendid. And in the end I decided it wasn't as horrid a holiday this year at all. In spite of my lack of ability to completely focus and take it all in...