My minute of fame...

mwroysfolksjan31-07b.JPGAnd then it aired: the TV segment I've been writing about was on Fox 8 yesterday evening and again this morning. I have to admit my inner narscissist was pretty excited to see myself on television. Even the angst of how I'd appear didn't get in the way of my enjoyment. Plus, according to the calls and emails, it went over fairly well. (New special dude, who had earlier agreed with me when I'd voiced my fears I'd come off as dorky, by saying, "Probably...which is normal. I was really dorky the first time I was on TV!" declared, as it went off, last night, "You weren't goofy at all!"'s my kind of compliment.)

Probably the most interesting thing to me, especially now that the interview is online  where I could see it again, is how tightly it was edited. I'd been so curious as to what would be left in and what parts would be cut (most of it!) and how the whole business would flow. In the end, I'm reminded of how fine it is to watch artists at work. I love what Roy and David ended up doing with our hour plus of talks. They made the whole thing flow seamlessly in a coherent body that beautifully features what it is I do. Through clips of me forming clay, bending and hammering wire, and talking about my creativity itself, they've captured the essence of these little artisan necklaces I think of as "my babies." What a gift this has been for me!

Meanwhile, I've allowed myself a highly spontaneous (but short) trip to the beach, (we sort of outran this morning's snow storm,) so if you've written me an email, or called, and I haven't responded, sit tight and forgive my uncharacteristic delays in getting back to you. I'll be home soon and back in my groove, such that it is. I've had such great notes from friends and acquaintances who saw the piece, and some nice surprise contacts from folks who want to talk about my jewelry. Thank you for these. You'll hear from me soon.

See the interview here.