Hail to the almighty Raffle!

Since today was an internal festival at the college where I work part-time, (which I didn't promote on my website because you'd be hard pressed to get parking, even if you ARE in town, and if you're on campus you already know about it, anyway,) I signed up with the student organization that sponsors the hoo ha and showed up this morning arms all laden with "stuff" to sell and stuff to help me sell the stuff I wanted to sell. Jewelry, to be specific.

So after that whole flat tire business this morning, I followed the course I'd declared: That I Was Not Going To Deal With It Or Even Think About It Until Later In The Day, I set about doing just that. But it was nagging at the back of my mind, try as I might not to think of it. Thoughts like, "What if I need to replace the whole tire? I wasn't really budgeting for that!" I've been shopping like a fiend - and that's for myself, never mind the Christmas gifts I still need to buy...

Then I noticed something as if for the first time. (It was not the first time, of course, that I've noticed it. Just hadn't thought of it in a while.) I noticed that all the other booths around me had set up raffles! And they were selling the traditional $1 raffle tickets - and giving away cool stuff. Hey! I have cool stuff! I could give something away! And so I decided to sell some raffle tickets, too. Who knew? Maybe I'd sell enough to pay for the tire I just may be buying later on in the day!

Which is exactly what I did! Sold myself a whole pile of raffle tickets. And the winner? Oh yea, she was really happy. Worked out nicely, too, becuase the person who won has bought several items from me - no question she loves my work!

And you know what? It was such a hit I'm gonna' do it again on Friday. Similar event, same location, similar customers - perhaps again it'll be worth my while!

So? Did that flat tire bring me "good luck" again? Well, I wouldn't go that far. But it certainly made me think outside the proverbial box! Which led to a lotta' dollars coming in that I might not have made otherwise! All in all, a very fine twist to a day that began with some clouds hangin' over it. I say bring on more of those!