Good thing my Daddy taught me to change a flat tire

You know those mornings when you wake up and think, "There's nothing wrong with this's going to be a good day! For so many reasons!" but the inner voice tells you otherwise? The inner voice tells you you're trying too hard to convince yourself.

Hm. It's one of those mornings, apparently. I've thought my happy thoughts and done the things I need to do to be where I need to be and there's still this nagging feeling. A feeling I refuse to give in to, but I must admit that approaching my destination this morning, the last hundred yards or so when the sound of the road under my car grew louder and louder and I realized that yes, indeed, I did have a flat tire... well, let's just say the challenge to fight for my internal, naturally optimistic core's supremecy for today was a bit daunted.

I do not have what it takes to deal with a flat tire this morning.

So for the moment? Yep, I'm gonna' completely ignore it. Don't have to go anywhere for a while. Hours, actually. I'm thinking a honkin' pile of coffee and a few hugs and some productive work, then I'll figure out my best course of action. But not this minute. This minute I'm posting this blog entry and going about my day and I'm going to totally and completely ignore the fact that outside in the parking lot, where there may or may not still be just enough snow flurries to get my southern compadres utterly hepped up on the possibility of school closings, my car is sitting there a little wonky with a sad, flat tire.

'Course last time I had a flat tire, really good things happened. Maybe we'll say flat tires are my good luck charms and see where that leads... I'll keep you posted.