Last day of the year - oh yeah...

Happy Last Day of 2007!!!Is it just me or is there something in the air? Something new and fresh and exciting and jubilant... Oh yea, I know. Tomorrow we get to rip off the last page of '07 and start with that big honkin' clean slate.

I started the day with some cleaning (that in itself should go on my "New" list,) then went to the airport to meet some friends flying back in from NY. Now I'm running some errands and stopped to just sit, grab a bite and feed my Internet In Public addiction.

Having been thinking about the aforementioned New List, and my decision to start consciously looking for new things to try, I'm looking for something good for today. Tonight will surely include plenty for the list, but I'm craving a new activity for the last afternoon of the year, too. More on that later, I suppose, since nothing comes to mind just this second.

Since last I brought it up, though, I've done a couple of other "firsts." Enjoyed coffee at a local coffee shop I hadn't ever been to before. Java K's is gloriously independently owned. I've been giving a lot of thought to how much time I spend (not to mention the $,) in chain coffee establishments. While there I observed the owner, Kay Morris, call no less than 4 customers by name. Which I found highly appealing. As was the coffee and Wi-Fi. Definitely a place I'll return to.

The other first isn't so noble. I discovered, in passing, that a local McDonald's also has Wi-Fi (not so much free, however,) which is handy information to have if you're on the run and want to have some guilty pleasure lunch while quick checking your email, too. We won't linger over that one too long, though. Since this year's eating habits are meant to be improved.

Discerning readers might point out that going to new and different coffee shops and fast food restaurants aren't exactly "new" activities, and your point would be well taken. Nonetheless, I'm keeping the momentum afloat and if "try new locally-owned coffee shop" is all I can manage from time to time, so be it. 

So off to run more errands shortly. Just wanted to peek in and say hello, wish you a Very Fine And Glorious New Year's Eve and send off this worn-out-its-welcome year off with a curtsey and a bow. Here's hoping your day is grand. If not before, I'll catch you in the new year. With all its possibility and potential. Aah...