My favorite week of the year - Part VI: Social networking & inevitable mental chaos

It was bound to happen. Suddenly it hit me that the year's nearly through. Never mind I've been practically counting the minutes 'til '08. A sleeping part of my brain just woke up and screamed at me: "Girl, you got stuff to do!" And I commenced to doing things that are completely unnecessary to living a fulfilling, satisfying life. Such as:

  • I joined, which is, we all suspect, an utter waste of time. Not to mention my friends aren't particularly into wasting time in this manner so I'll soon feel like a complete loser because I won't have any "friends" on twitter. They suck you in, of course, by telling you that your Mom will love knowing what you're up to, and that's - in and of itself - a great reason to use twitter. Fair enough. It's true. My Mom will care. She loves knowing what I'm doing...she used to read my diary, and thinks it's a coup for her that I blog and let anyoldbody read what I write, whenever they want. But besides my Mom? Nope. I'm not likely to have a lot of twitter friends. Okay my Dad, too. He might care. Mostly he'll probably just laugh at me. As will my Mom, come to think about it.

    Never mind that. I'm intrigued. No doubt you'll get to read another post later on in which I tell you how I'm getting rid of all the social networking accounts.

  • Speakin'o'which, I also peeked in at the Facebook account I set up a while back. Also on a whim. Again, I'm very well liked these days In Real Life. Online? Nah, not so connected with that many people who are also using Facebook.

  • Okay, there are more places online I also have neglected accounts. I just looked over there and got completely overwhelmed and decided to stop telling you about all these places. So that's enough access to my online neuroses...

  • Downloaded iTunes. Which isn't a waste of time, at all. I'm utterly addicted to music and need a better way to keep my collection up-to-date. Figured I'll try to come into this century, one baby step at a time.

  • Never mind I've now deleted some old videos I had on YouTube for a temporary, secret time, and now have Mr. Pie on there. Wonder if I'll ever use YouTube for anything other than posting amusing little clips of my nephew? Doesn't matter...this is all supposed to entertain me, right? It does. Terrifically. Click here to see why...

Want to hear the worst part of all this? I am behind in just about everything. There's a necklace I should be making tonight, plus a few pairs of earrings. I have handfuls of emails unresponded to, phone calls I should return, photos of current inventory to be shot, so my site's galleries will be accurate and up to date. There's a lovely website client I'm ignoring, which I totally should not be ignoring. But I am, truthfully, blowing off work, even. All so I can add more social networking opportunities to my life. Which I will then, we can be sure, ignore.

Actually, here's the way I'm choosing to look at it. I'm overworked and over tired. This is what I do to unwind. Some people watch tons of movies (I'm also doing a lot of that, this week,) and read a lot of books, (I just finished a delightful novel today, as a matter of fact, and you already know about the book of poetry from earlier this week, so there,) and some people take road trips. Other people go running or ride horses or play tennis or go dancing. I happen to be surfing the net, signing up for random accounts with random web 2.0 services. All this is helping me relax and wind down! Where's the harm?

Don't answer that. Besides, as I mentioned, I've just given myself fresh new blogging opportunities for later in the year when I start a new post with "What was I thinking?"...