My favorite week of the year - Part V: Bigmama's Birthday & Some Gratitude

Today is my Bigmama's birthday. She's been gone for several years now, but still I've spent the day thinking a lot about her. I've been thinking about her kindness and her generosity of spirit. When her son, my Uncle Mike was killed, she told us she'd forgiven the man who killed him and that she prayed for him every day. As far as I know, she never stopped. There's something about that story that always seemed to sum up my Bigmama's life. Although a single act of unthinkable forgiveness...such selfless generosity... could never summarize an entire life of 7 decades plus. Of course it couldn't.

Thinking of Bigmama makes me feel grateful. That she was my grandmother. And just grateful, period.

While the old falls away and the fresh, new path of 2008 opens up ahead, carrying with it all this promise and possibility to overshadow 2007 with wonder, what about the other stuff? The stuff that didn't suck in 2007. In no particular order and in no way a comprehsive list of things for which I'm grateful, from this past year:

  • My brother's brain surgery, earlier this week, seems to have been successful and he's alive and well to continue being my brother. Which is, of course, great, grand fun for him.
  • The rest of my family. I'm grateful for them, too. This is not an afterthought; I'm just fairly confident my readers don't want to read a list of every member of my family and why I love them all. Maybe I'll find other times and stories in which to write about them and why my family is cool, in spite of our wacky, weird ways.
  • Although that little noodlehead, Mr. Pie? Lot of gratitude for him. Sure, he's here on earth for lots of good reasons, but many times I feel it's merely for my own amusement. He is succeeding mightily in that arena.
  • This year I found a job that challenges me in sometimes perfect ways. With an excellent blend of creative projects and variety, as well as balance between independent and collaborative work, this position is one I'd like to do full-time. Imagine that! Let's see how that turns out, why don't we?
  • That breakup earlier this year? The one that will go down in the story of my life as the most horrid breakup of ever?  It did not kill me. In fact, it taught me many things about myself (good stuff and not so good stuff, too: we must be especially honest during the last week of the year,) and also made me stronger.
  • There were many opportunities for me to see how much I am loved. Between family and friends, I am surrounded by some truly fine people.
  • My car made it through another year!
  • Reconnecting with several friends with whom I'd lost touch.
  • 2007... Blink twice and this year will be over. Oh yea...