My favorite week of the year - Part IV: Some new & different approaches

A couple of days ago when I was leaving a newer branch of our local public library - a place I'd never been before - I felt oddly exuberant in a way I don't often feel after library visits. At first I couldn't figure out why and looked around at the lovely landscaping and the magnificent view. Sure, those didn't hurt. But I realized I felt so good primarily because I'd just done something completely different from my usual routine. My routines, I gotta' tell ya, have gotten pretty rigid. Rut-like, even.

The public library made me happy because it was new and fresh. I remember my first visit to a public library in a little town in Alabama. My first library book, too, which was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which you know is a classic, even now, 35 years or so after I discovered it, (and which I only discovered, just this very minute, was published the year I was born!) So visiting libraries themselves aren't exactly new for me. Yet this was my first visit to the the public library this year. Having gone there this week made me realize I wanted to do more things I haven't done before.

Which is how it came to be that I decided to heap additional pressure on the year 2008. Not only does it have to overshadow 2007 and be happy and fine and fulfilling in a way that its predecessor was not, as I wrote about over here, but it's gonna' have a theme, too: 

2008 shall be the year of trying new things, appreciating different, fresh approaches, and remembering activities loved but forgotten.

Instead of declaring now, or on the first day of the year, "This year I am going to [fill in the blank with this or that activity,] for the first time, or for the first time in a long time," I'll write of these activities after I've done them. It'd be fun, don't you think, to see how many ways I might make the little details of life different from that rut as I can, then tell you about them in my blog? Which means, of course, that I have to add a new category. It's called "New." Any time I want to check in, I'll have a growing list of these activities, merely by clicking the "New" category here in my blog. It'll be fun to see how often I can actually find new, interesting things to try. How often will I be able to take a different approach than I've usually taken? Perhaps this new adventure of mine will also exercise my creative muscles in greater ways.

While I don't necessarily think that listening to WQFS, the radio station of Guilford College where I was once a DJ, as I did this morning for the first time in years, will change my life, or that eating that grapefruit for breakfast will alter my day drastically (it's a whole lot healthier than what I've eaten most of the mornings this year, however,) it occurs to me that the higher these activities pile in my wake, the landscape of my days should take on a different hue. Perhaps the new landscape, then, will be more pleasing than the one that came before.

It's sure to make for some interesting stories, no?