My favorite week of the year - Part II: Some waking up

Reflective and quiet and fiercely protective of my time and space, that's me.

My reflections uncovered that not only was the year just past not my best, but also that it's as if I'm waking up from something less than desirable that lasted since sometime in the middle of '05. Quite a lot of pressure to place on 2008, I realize, but there you have it. Somewhere along the way I lost huge chunks of myself and - while fair or not to mention something in a blog without including a back-story, I don't disclose much about those personal traumas - there's a hum of under-the-skin giddiness to realize I feel more genuinely "me" than I have in quite some time. Of course like most anyone who's lost pieces of themself to failed relationships and poor choices and distractions from goals, I'm anxious in a good way to think of the potential that stretches out in front of me. And so never mind the back-story. Let's write a new one, why don't we?

2008 is absolutely geared up and more than ready to handle my demands: demands much greater than I typically place on a new year this Transition Season Extraordinaire. The first order of business is just to "be" and give myself as much of this alone-time as I need. After that, I'll make a traditional list of those thoughts many refer to as "New Year's Resolutions" and I usually don't, since mostly they're reminders to get me back on track, but whatever you call them is fine by me. I believe the last week of the year brings with it such "clean slate" potential that I'd be silly not to take some extra reflection time to remember to sieze the day and find the best version of myself in every waking moment possible. After that, we'll just see how it goes!