Simple Pleasures: A Reminder

105053-1228561-thumbnail.jpgI might indulge in a bit of bah humbug these days if it weren't for Mr. Pie. As it is, this person entertains me to no end. Remember "Stupid Pet Tricks" from Dave Letterman? We had "Stupid Baby Tricks" today for a very good cause. For the entertainment of one Auntie who shall remain nameless. But she must have looked a little cranky 'cause a very cool toddler entertained her by beating things with a roll of wrapping paper. (No it wasn't left over. I indulged him more than you would have and let him have an actual roll. He removed the paper and had a very fine brown roll underneath. Voila! Pretty simple stuff!) Cracked me up.

105053-1228564-thumbnail.jpgThen when we grew bored of that? Yup...faces and noises by pursing his lips together and blowing air (and spit, yup, gotta' include the spit, too,) through his tight lips. Again, I bring to you, Oh Crankiest of Aunties....MAGIC! See? You're laughing again!

If I get permission from his parents I'm gonna' show ya'll a video of the latter, too, 'cause it's too good not to share. For now, enjoy a smile on us...