Needin' Santa's help right about now...

Raise your hand if you're ready for Christmas. No. My hand's not up, thanks. I'm thinking it will be...surely. 'Cause what else am I gonna' think? Christmas comes whether you're ready for it or not, so the best course of action is to pack as much productivity into these last days and hours as possible, keep yourself focused (which is a relative concept, of course,) and smile a lot.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop waiting to meet a friend for coffee. 'Cause of course that one couldn't relaxing with a friend helps you clear your head. Or something. Next stop, who knows, but I'm thinking there's a new list in these next couple of hours for me. Then things will sort themselves out, surely.

I admire those poeple who have their stuff together and can really relax and enjoy the holiday season. I enjoy it, of course, there's just rarely a relaxation component to my version.

Fortunately for me I'm a creative person. And an optimist. It's hard to be daunted by a simple thing like The Biggest Holiday Of The Year. Good thing, too: there's a honkin' pile of busy-ness in my future.

Hope your own holiday rush is going well and that you're enjoying yourself, as well.