Your expert on writing... with a southern accent???


Here's an interesting discovery! While haphazardly peeking through my website stats - a minor hobby I've recently neglected - I discovered 3 separate-but-related search strings that led people to my website. Check it out! This week I'm an expert on writing with a southern accent! Wanna' see???

All because of this post, apparently. 

Sure enough, as of this moment, when I click on any one of these links, "writing in a southern accent," "writing southern accents," and "writing with the southern accent," my own post entitled "Southern accents, writing styles, & more ADD evidence," shows up on the first page of more than 150,000 results. Well ain't that interesting??? Seeing as how I am not only not an expert on writing southern dialect, but I am also nowhere near anything resembling an expert at the accents of my people, (the southern ones, not the ADD ones, which is what I usually mean when I evoke that phrase.)

I am, however, an "expert" at rambling. That plus the glorious genius that is Squarespace will get you fairly well ranked for some pretty obscure search strings, on occasion.  

Apparently Google was invented merely to entertain me. And stoke my ego.
That, too.

But that entry those people found when they searched the aforementioned phrases? Oh yea, I had a good time writing that one. If you're not one to reqire the conventions of writers who follow a single thought process or any sort of focus whatsoever, you might enjoy it too!
Take a look...