But since it's Friday, it'll get better, right?

You're conditioned that way, too, right? Fridays are just better than most days. Doesn't matter if you're scheduled To Do a million things... there's a lightness in the air, see. Right?

Well it'd better lighten up, already. So far...

  • I woke up 20 minutes before the alarm - which was set a half hour earlier than usual. By my calculations, I got nearly an extra hour to worry about how much needs to be done. (I know, I'm trying to let stuff go...)
  • A deer ran across the road in front of me as I drove to the office. Instead of thinking about how scary it was that I could have hit her, I can remember how beautiful she was, right. Three blocks later I saw a deer crossing caution sign.
  • No amount of makeup in the world is going to cover the zit that's camped out on my eyelid for 3 days now. No up-side to this.
  • The coffee smells good. About to pour my first cup, I'm thinking that's another good thing.

Really I think it's just going to be about perspective today. If I keep doing things to remind myself of the positive viewpoint, and remember to breathe deeply, surely it'll feel like Friday soon.

Hope yours is a good one!