How creative could you be with this view?

105053-1133106-thumbnail.jpgIt's easy to settle into the lull of minutia and forget about those truly breathtaking moments that seem to only appear during vacations and other "special" moments. This week brought a reminder, though, which has kept the adage, "Don't forget to smell the roses" a little closer to the forefront of my mind ever since.

Having left the office where I work part-time, and driven the 5 minutes to meet with a client in her home, I was welcomed by this view as I entered the front door. Not kidding. The back wall was an expanse of window that featured the fine art of nature rather than a painter's canvas.

After we finished our business, how lucky was I that we meandered down to her studio for a while, then back up onto the deck where we sat and gabbed for maybe a half hour, with this scene before us? The meeting was stellar, the conversation spectacular, and the view...well, here you have it. I couldn't help but think how such a sight would be the perfect backdrop for a creative day's work. It certainly enhanced our delightful conversation.

May all our workdays bring us more of these "little" gems...