Synergy, serendipity & a very good vibe

Oh, those are the good talks. You know the conversations I'm thinking about. You're talking to someone you've met once or twice before in pleasant-enough passing, and the conversation starts to click. One of you makes a comment which leads to the other asking a question. The answer is very exciting to you both; you've uncovered tidbits of which you were heretofore unaware. Those tidbits include very exciting details. Perhaps the details include a shared business contact or a common goal most others you know don't "get." That answer leads to another question, further conversation, another hesitant question that carries the kind of charge that alludes to thoughts along the lines of "This other information was just too good. Could it be you'll have some sort of surprise answer to this question, too?" The question is asked. The answer thrills and delights beyond what either of you imagined. In a minute you're both giddy with the newfound discovery that you may have both just hit upon the solutions to some very important needs in both your worlds. You talk a little faster than the rhythms of normal conversation dictate. Neither of you care. It's drizzling outside and that goes unnoticed, too. You realize this is not the time to make any life-changing decisions, but chances are you're going to see this person again. And it could be very, very fortuitous, this chat tonight in the not-quite-rain, under that awning as one of you had meant to depart the gallery where your meeting had been scheduled. You don't mind the moisture in the air. It feels crisp and fresh and very, very good.

Don't you just love conversations like that??? 

Sorry - I can't tell you more than that. It's related to business and art and collaboration and reciprocal, complementary needs and it's way too early to share details on a public blog. But it was way too cool to keep entirely to myself.

Yes, probably one day I'll also tell you a little about the nice Thanksgiving that's just passed. And I'll also probably tell you all about The Long Awaited 20 Year High School Reunion that followed, and the parties that flanked said reunion. But not tonight. Tonight I can't indulge in the nostalgia of my weekend. But soon...ish.