Networking, my people, checking a list & loving the frenzy

Earlier today, around noon, I stood waiting in a particularly long line at one of my favorite places to shop: A&B Fixtures. They have great products for people who own businesses - displays of all kinds, some new, others used. I buy some of my jewelry displays there and needed to stop in to replenish a few things I need for tomorrow's Roy's Folks Crafts Fair. Often the customers chat as we wait in line; they have dogs behind the counter and that's always sure to set somebody off with excitement, if nothing else.  Today it was a bit different. The man behind the counter asked a general question which started it all:

Man in front of me in line: You wouldn't happen to know where I could get "Grand Opening" banners would you?
Woman behind me: No. I'm new to town. I just have to find a Wii!
Man: Try _____ (can't remember the name of the online auction closeout site he mentioned it.)
Woman: Are they reasonable?
Man: Depends on the demand and your bid. But you can get really good prices sometime! (Looks at me.)
Me: Have you tried If It's Paper?
Man: No. Hm. That's a thought.
Man behind the counter: That's a good idea. They might have them.
Man in front of me, looking at my merchandise: I see you have displays. Where's your store?
Me: I don't have a store. I design jewelry.
Man: Really?!
Me: (Holding up the pendant attached to the necklace I wore today,)  Like this. Do you know the TV show, "Roy's Folks"?
Man: Yes! (Looking at the necklace.) That's nice!
Me: I was on the show so I'm participating in their craft fair tomorrow. (Reaching for my purse where I keep my business cards.) Where's your shop?
Man: (Tells me but I can't remember excactly. Will fill in the missing information when I remembr enough to get it right. I'd hate to advertise the wrong information for a new business. He and the young lady I took to be his daughter were really nice.) We sell women's clothing and jewelry.
Me: Would you like my card?
Man: Yes! My wife will call you.
Me: Great! I have a website; you can see samples of my work online.
Man: We have one too. Good luck.
Me: Thanks, you too. Stop in at If It's Paper if you have a chance; they're worth your time.

There's more (the Wii woman was very excited about the doggies,) but I'll spare you. 

Afterward, thrilled beyond words at the great deals I got and the success that was greater than I'd even expected, I headed over to Hobby Lobby. Where everything I needed that was over $3 was ON SALE. Including a wooden Christmas tree thingie that'll be awesome for my booth tomorrow. I'll show you pictures one day. It was 50% off!!!

Then to a quickie place to grab a bite to eat for my drive, now sitting in a random parking lot where I can get free Wi-Fi to check some emails, and about to head off to storage. When I get there, I'll have great success in finding everything on my list (which is long,) then head on over to High Point to set up part of my booth for tomorrow ('cause it's gonna' be hard enough to get there by 5am, much less how early I'd need to go if I was gonna' do the whole thing,) then home to make sure everything has prices on it and is ready to display.

This day is driving me nuts, but I'm totally getting a rush out of it. I'd forgotten how much I dig this stuff.

And now you know. Hope your day is equally satisfying. Cheers!