Quilts in the African American tradition - a Squarespace site

cbwlink-med.jpgReconnections are excellent. Particularly unexpected ones. Such as the one I've had with Carolyn Beard Whitlow who was one of my favorite college professors at Guilford College. Having taken her sometimes-daunting "Introduction to Poetry" class, I fell in love with the work of Tess Gallagher, specifically Moon Crossing Bridge, on which I should elaborate sometime. But not this time. This time I'm talking about happy accidents that lead somewhere. Walking through Christina's DeCorner (where my necklaces can be found,) during their opening week, a friend pointed to a framed quilt on the wall and said, "Recognize that signature?" It was Carolyn Beard Whitlow's. Surprised the heck outta' me, since I knew she was a remarkable poet in her own right - not only a phenomenal teacher - but certainly not that she was also a quilt designer! Never mind I hadn't seen her in years, in spite of the fact that we live in the same town.

Recent meetings have refreshed the memories in which I so admired this remarkable woman, and I've redesigned her website for her, using Squarespace which I continue to love. I found a Squarespace template that seemed best suited to the design sensibilities she wanted, and altered it to fit our needs. Which led to the latest incarnation of Color Quilts by Carolyn dot com. Carolyn designs stunning quilts in the African American tradition and I'm honored and pleased to have been a part of this online rejuvenation of her marketing efforts. Not to mention our personal reconnection.

As is often the case with multi-talented individuals, Carolyn has elected to include not only photos of her quilts but she also provides samples of her poetry there, along with information about her books and exhibits. She's even jumped in to the blogging challenge with enthusiasm! All in all, it's a site I'm thrilled to help promote. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have.