Today's highlights - & it's not even noon yet!

It's Saturday. One of the good ones. You know the kind of Saturday I mean: nobody's calling, you didn't set any appointments first thing, you've given yourself permission to pace yourself. This morning has been peppered by good things:

  • A breeze. If not quite a chill in the air (still missing the fall-like weather that peeked in for a minute and a half,) then a comfy temperature, nonetheless,
  • Dried leaves on the ground pointing the way to the possibility that we'll get fall,
  • A purring kitty named Aspen,
  • Quite yummy coffee,
  • Productive work on my laptop,
  • in a comfy chair,
  • with good tunes to keep me company,
  • A load of towels in the dryer, strategically timed to coincide with my upcoming shower,
  • The satisfaction of recalling a good day yesterday,
  • And the anticipation of my afternoon visit with Mr. Pie.

Hope your day is going this well, if not even better. Cheers!