Top Chef - to the end

So I made it to the end of a TV show I'd barely known existed prior to the week before it started. The Top Chef, Season 3, finale aired last night and I stayed up to see the end. In spite of the fact that I could very well have fallen asleep at 9, I "had" to know. Not that I couldn't have caught key scenes on YouTube and highlights online after today.

In spite of my post that ran longer than most, concerning my (then) addiction to cooking shows, I've barely thought of cooking TV these past weeks - months, even - but to Top Chef I've been loyal.

This morning I'm thinking about the winner. This guy named "Hung" took the title and although I always realized that could be a possibility, it wasn't what I wanted to happen. It seemed likely, (from Bravo's mercenary "you can text in your favorite for 99 cents!" poll,) that I wasn't alone. He always came out on the bottom in such polls. And no wonder - while you want a guy who "doesn't always play well with others," in a contest - all that contrast and good guy vs. bad guy business is good for the dramatic elements - you generally don't want them to win. No, you want someone who can cook AND who looks around the kitchen and notices when their fellow chefs are about to go down and could use your help that last minute before the timer goes off. Hung? Not so much. He was all about himself.

Was that what got him the title? No, I don't think so. Apparently he can really cook - "technically," we were told throughout the season, he was the best. Apparently they also found that missing "soul" element they were looking for last night. Hopefully he'll use the prize money to create something really great - I think he wants to start his own restaurant. And maybe he'll see the back episodes and consider some of what his competitors were talking about when they expressed concern over his ability as a team player.

So that's that. I'm done with one more addiction. Maybe next season I can forget to tune in and I'll save all those weekly hours for something more productive. Hmmm...