You wouldn't exactly call them "highlights"

These are some random occurrences that peppered my last few days. Otherwise unrelated, they each happened to or were observed by me. And that, on this sleepy Saturday morning, makes 'em blog-worthy to me. Enjoy!

  • When I arrived at the office on Thursday, still feeling a twinge of sadness at nephew's tears when I dropped him off with his sitter, I put my hand in my pocket to discover the pacifier he'd thrown to the floor earlier when he awoke. Such a surprising, random item in a single woman's pocket is sure to bring a smile all day, if only to herself.
  • Entering an elevator with a friend, we discovered that some well-meaning person had taped a sign to the wall. Of the elevator. Offering directions to their event on the first floor, it read, "xxx Fair - One Floor Up."
  • Yesterday, having finished our workday, another friend and I stood in front of a bank of mirrors in the ladies room, refreshing our look before we went off to attend an evening function. About to wrap it up and leave, friend gestured to the comb I'd jokingly offered her earlier, to scratch an unreachable itch. Friend said to me, "So...did you actually use that comb?" Seems the "tousled," "windblown" (read: "haphazard," "careless," "unkempt") look I typically sport isn't necessarily to everyone's liking. Must we really keep our hair brushed in order to be considered an adult?
  • One night driving home late, surrounded by all that rain people have been asking for, the biggest, fastest possum I have ever seen in my life, barrelled across the dark road in front of my path. My life did not flash before my eyes. I was, however, very, very alarmed that this animal was perilously close to helping me end my day in a manner not at all the way I preferred. Fortunately - for both of us - we missed each other.
  • Walking through a discount department store one evening, I heard a child I think was probably about 9 years old say to the woman I imagined to be his mother, "If you think a simple candy bar is a good birthday present...well, that just won't cut it!"
  • Having lived for a couple of weeks in a lovely home with friends I adore, without the presence of Internet access, I've made a discovery. Not only is there a church on every street corner of my town, there's also a coffee shop or two on most main streets. I've also discovered that they don't all offer Wi-Fi for free. Be forewarned: paying for the coffee and pastry isn't necessarily going to be enough to reward you with free access to the cyberworld.

Now I'm off to a meeting that - gloriously - was moved from 9 to 10 this morning. This was one of those days when hearing the alarm clock was decidedly unwelcome. But it was good to have the extra time.

Hope your weekend is grand!