Auntie vs. Mommy - this morning's comparison

Once I go in there and wake up that baby, it's on. The love of my life will come alive with the unpredictable vehemence of that Energizer Bunny and there won't be a single thing I can do about it. Which is why, no doubt, I'm walking around his house on my tippy toes, getting every single part of my modified morning routine out of the way so I can juggle That Which Is My Sister's Life Every Single Day in a few minutes, with more gracefulness than I'm anticipating.

It's why I'm here, after all. Dad's work schedule today had him needing to leave during one of those ungodly hours that would be inappropriate for dropping off baby at the 3-day-a-week sitter's house and that leaves me. Mommy will be back from her out-of-state conference very late tonight.  And so my one job was to sleep here, wake up then dress for work from a different place than usual, get the baby up, ready him for his day, drop him off and go on about my business. Simple enough, right?

I present to you a few tidbits from my evening with The Cherub, Mr. Pie:

  • There were at least 3 back-arching tantrums. (I'm blaming it on the missing of his mom - things just aren't right when you're 20 months old and nobody can produce your mother for you when you ask for her.)
  • Dinner was a half a cup of yogurt, approximately 1 croissant, eaten in sporadic bites, (and partly fed to me, so who's to say for sure?) and whatever nutrients were sucked out of that chicken nugget before each bite was unceremoniously spat into his hand for presentation to me. (Hey, it's an improvement. Last time I saw him he hadn't developed the charming step of putting it in his own hand and most everything ended up on the floor when it was discarded.)
  • A bloody nose when His Highness started goofing around with me, giggling hysterically, and pinched my nose. Only his thumb went inside my nose. And his fingernail hadn't been cut just lately. Oy.

But we also had tons of cuddles and dancing and gabbing (in a language I'm interpreting however I see fit,) and the distinctive addition of "uh oh" to his slowly-expanding vocabulary. It was good times. I'm just saying, I need to be ready when this kid wakes up. 'Cause it's pouring rain outside and the clothes I'm wearing to the office are pretty and I have plans to look nice when I arrive there. You just never know how those plans are gonna' turn out when something as complex as a toddler is added to the equation.

Cheers. Here's to being an auntie who gets to pick and choose her Pie Time!