A different mess, but the process? It's all the same...

105053-1107451-thumbnail.jpgToday, like that day last week, offered lots of playtime with my beads and pendants. I'm trying to work in design sessions every chance I get and today I successfully created 3 new pieces.

Each day, I sit down, look at the thousands of beads before me, the nearly hundreds of pendants from which I can choose (I do have hundreds, actually, but many, many are in storage right now,) and get the privilege of deciding which piece will get my undivided attention. What's so wonky about this process is that quite often I believe...even know...that I'm not necessarily selecting the prettiest piece with which to work. Nor am I always selecting the most fashion-forward elements to work into my design session. I can't really explain - to myself or to you - how it is the choice gets made. All I know is I'm glad it does get made. It's got something to do with what "speaks to me" at the right time. I can love, love a pendant, but if I can't happily select the beads that want to accompany it in the necklace, I have to move on. The worst part of all is just sitting and fondling the elements for far too long. It's a good thing to do, sure, but too much of that good thing doesn't yield finished products I enjoy.

So here we have it. 5 new necklaces this past week and many more on the way. I sure hope so, anyway. The beads and pendants? They'll ultimately get to decide. 

105053-1107460-thumbnail.jpg              105053-1107466-thumbnail.jpg                  105053-1107471-thumbnail.jpg