How much energy does it actually take to walk out to the car...?

The day just hasn't gone as planned. Well, okay then. I'll adjust...again.

Earlier today when I called to say they shouldn't be worried if I was 4 minutes late to teach my seniors' beading workshop, they asked me if maybe I could just come next week since I'm still coughing and some of the seniors haven't been feeling well and if it's all the same to me switching might be best for all concerned. Not only do I understand that logic, but I also knew that "my" seniors would not enjoy my company nearly as much as usual today, since I still just feel...well...cruddy. So I agreed, and went off to catch up on some computer-related work.

Then I went home and put in a load of laundry, called a boutique to set up a meeting for early next week to show them my latest work, and sat down to make some new necklaces. And as is sometimes the case, I ran into some creative blocks for a while. Then even shot a few photos so I could show you the evidence of such mental disarray. Then? When the creativity returned and the ideas were just flying through my head? I made two pretty necklaces! That make me happy. And I took pictures of them, too.

Three phone calls later, my whole late afternoon/early evening had changed completely, too, and I decided to take sis and family up on the offer of dinner and fun with Mr. Pie. I won't bore you with the tale of uber domesticity, but suffice it to say we had a grand time.

Now they've gone off for a bit, and I elected to stay here and quick finish up some emails and write in my blog (hi!) before I leave. Since moving to my temporary sans-internet abode, I've found these perfectly agreeable, creative ways to work in computer use whenever I can and it's working out just splendidly. But then it hit me. I have just enough energy to sit here and write this rambling rant to catch up the 6 of you who care where I've been and why I haven't been blogging this week... and not one ounce more. This cold that won't go away? It's just sapping my energy. Never mind my laptop is in my car and I could walk out there, enabling me to write the originally-intended post that would include for you photos of today's workspace and the two new necklaces I just designed, since the photos are right there at my fingertips... but no, I am completely wiped out. No kidding: I had to draw the line at walking out the door, going to my car, picking up a shoulder bag, bringing it back inside, turning on my computer and doing exactly what I'm doing now, from my very own photos. So that's how I know the cold, while it shows signs of abating, is still very much present. I'm just too tired. Hm. Or maybe I'm just that lazy... (I'm sticking with the former.)

Now I have to get out of here, 'cause it's gonna' be dark soon and I still didn't get all my "work clothes" (which means the things that don't have "denim" or "comfy" or "holes" or "well-worn cotton" in their descriptions,) out of storage, or all my dress shoes. And I need some of those things for when the alarm goes off at 5:45 tomorrow.

Cheers! And don't forget to take your vitamins. 'Cause this bug that's going around? You don't want it. Trust me...