What else would you do on a Sunday afternoon with a cold?

It's the first year I haven't participated in this pottery festival in a long, looong time. I waffle every year - sure it's fun, but it's a pottery festival. Anyone keeping score will have noticed that it's been some time since I've made actual pottery. My jewelry, while clay-based, is within the allowed realm of products, sure, but I always have such mixed feelings about setting up my booth. But it's still "family," this crowd of clay-loving people, and even if I didn't set up a booth, I still wanted to see everyone. And all those great pots. Plus, you never know if you'll have to add one more piece to your not insubstantial collection.

Today, meanwhile, was a Pie Day. What would you have done? Well, I loaded up the most energetic 19 1/2 month old I know and took him to the one place where nearly everything in the room is breakable. 'Cause I like to live on the edge that way. Although, at his mom's prompting, I did take the stroller. Good thing, too.

He was quite good. Hugging and kissing friends (stangers to him, truth be told,) and waving and smiling, he was really good, considering how many times he probably wanted to hold the pretty things. And I got to see my friends, and the beautiful pots, he was exposed to handcrafted goodness, and we passed a happy hour together. Naturally he charmed the pants off some folks, too, so really it was a success beyond what I'd envisioned.

Meanwhile, I'm exhausted. He's off with his dad (who's now caught this cold, too,) and I'm taking a quick break that might just turn into a nap...or an early night. His mom has had a cold for weeks - no doubt the culprit who passed it along to me - but the tiny person is still rearin' to go. As they say. At least somebody's got some energy...