Another random day in another random life

It's disappointing to sit here, hands poised above the keyboard, for five minutes and have this little to form a coherent, riveting post for you. You'd think - with all that's going on these days - I could glean one single nugget of blogging joy for your reading benefit.

Not so much.

Since my last post, I've left the child-filled home where I'd been house sitting, but not before the family returned and we all lived together for a couple of days while Dad was still away, just for fun. I got a serious dose of "This is what your life might look like if it were the exact opposite of the way it is now." Which is to say I read bedtime stories to a five year old princess, observed projectile vomiting from the mouth of a one year old so impressive I can't even try to describe it to you, which of course pleases you tremendously, (who knew a 21 pounder could actually hold so much inside???) stepped over dolls in the bathtub, ran errands with Mom which included joining the aforementioned tiniest family member for some shots at the pediatrician's office, (excruciating for a friend; no doubt unimaginable for a parent,) and observed more laundry than I probably do in a 3 month period. Plus had really very excellent chats and laughs with Friend Who Is Living In Domestic Bliss.

Lessons from my stay in the country: Kids are cool. Friends' and family members' kids are really cool. And yet? Not having my own kids? This week - Priceless.

Meanwhile, I've moved one step closer to returning to domestic normalcy. Which is to say I'm renting space in the final friends' home before I remove all that stuff and set up housekeeping in my own space once more. My. Own. Space. Which remains to be located, but I'm now beginning my search so no doubt one day in the next few weeks you'll get to hear all about my glorious find.

But not today. Today I'll finish preparing for this afternoon's meeting, run seventy four more errands, go get Yet More Stuff I Need from storage, respond to a few more neglected emails, drink another cup of coffee here in my office at Panera just because, make an important phone call, and find that To Do List because frankly I can't recall what else is on it, and probably if it was important enough to write down, I should read over it and actually bother to do it.

Hope your day is going smoothly. Calmly and smoothly. Cheers!