A very specific shade of blue

105053-625179-thumbnail.jpgYesterday while peeking through some photos taken in Seattle last spring, I came across one I kept wanting to look at. Taken the night of my first full day there, it was of a place by "the Locks" where we arrived just at a particular time when the sun's presence has dissipated but the reality of light reflecting on water was palpable.

This is the shade of blue that peppers other memories of my life. Living in Atlanta the summer of '96. Several nights after the pool had been "closed," and Cindi and I would go swimming. The sky, on more than one of those nights, was exactly this color.

People often ask about favorite colors. I used to say "red," and if I ever am pressed so I have to choose, I still divert back to this old answer. But really it isn't true. There are some shades of green that make me feel completely different than I felt before I observed them. And if I'm really present in the moment with any color, they all have the power to bring me a significant, strong, pleasurable comfort. Because I love them all.

This morning my thoughts are with That Blue. It peppers many of my happy memories. And makes me feel a calm, present, peacefulness. Thought you'd enjoy sharing it with me...