It's more than just a January goal

babystepsdarlin.gifIt's not uncommon to hear people encourage each other with the simple phrase, "baby steps." Which is, of course, short for "Don't forget that we can't fix all our life's problems overnight. Just like babies have to learn to take their first, little, tentative steps, we have to do so in life, as well. And eventually we're running and the hesitation of before is long forgotten." That's how I interpret it, anyway. How I think many of my friends do, as well.

This post will serve as a nice personal reminder of some baby steps of my own. Starting a new year is nearly always colored with trepidation over the number of changes I need to make. Particularly where my health-related goals are concerned. Something occurred to me, though, during this past week that I'm bravely deciding to share with you. My current path toward healthful living is not entirely driven by the calendar. I say this because, looking back over the recent months, I've actually made some quality changes. I'm focusing on this progress so I can harness that momentum. These are changes that didn't start in 2007.

105053-624058-thumbnail.jpgNot only have I lost more weight recently, (some of which I'd put back on during the past year or so, after an exciting drop,) but the exercise routines I've embraced started before 2006 ended. And looking at photos taken last spring, I'm reminded that the changes might be subtle, but they're occurring nonetheless. 

Now, in a bolder-than-ever move, I'm going to post a photo taken of me in Seattle last spring. It's one I never intended to show anyone. I'm thinking this was me about 10-12 pounds ago. Not only that, but the scale tells me I now weigh 24 pounds less than my all-time-high. At least half of that occurred during the recent months. Bob, if you're reading this, hope you don't mind I'm taking the liberty of posting our fun - albeit goofy - photo. (This was my first full day in the city; Bob and I were hamming it up for the camera. But check out that scene in the background! I've cropped it so you're left with the full effect of what we were enjoying.) PS: No making fun of my dorky glasses. I have thousands and these were the only ones I could put my hands on that day.

bobandmepanera.jpgIt's a great boost to my momentum to pay attention to this progress. Compared to the photo I'm using on my blog now (which I'll also post here, for a time when I'm no longer using it in the navigation bar. Although, hey! Turns out Bob and I were posing for both of them so I'll crop it for the two of us. And click to see the larger version...with Dena!) I actually can see a difference. (Bob, of course, continues to look great as always! As does Dena...)

Here's to harnessed momentum and even greater progress to report on, down the line!