How'd they find me, anyway?

youcanteatlivingcreatively.gifDuring the past month, a lot of random (really, reeeeally random,) search strings have brought visitors to my site. Using, (as well as Google in Estonia, turns out, and the one in Australia, and also Google for India,) Windows Live, as well as searches by Yahoo!,, (as well as a UK version of the same,) AOL, and several others (okay, I'm getting bored with this whole linking project. Really, that's enough already, right?) a seemingly broad selection of online searchers have found my little old website.

This is quite interesting to me.  Exploring the ways in which something that seemed so seemingly innocuous in my writing... turned around to bring some wandering soul to my blog. What fun! And occasionally when I'm peeking around the stats (another reason I love my host, Squarespace - they make it so easy to see what led people to me in the first place, which is information I enjoy having,) I stumble across something that really gets my attention.

This week it was "living creatively." It's tricky to explain to people why blogging (particularly the kind of blogging that sometimes takes the reader far, far away from anything related to my career,) is important to me. And why I think it helps me professionally. It's related to the idea, of course, that even people who are searching for one thing might find my site and discover a like-minded creative type who has something to offer that they weren't actively looking for, but needed all the same. (Of course some people come here and run away, very fast. That's okay too. It's the balance we're going for.)

So how about a list of recent searches that brought people to!

(Just like the first list I started here today, it's incomplete. I'm apparently running short on patience today. And attention. But it's an interesting sample, nonetheless!)

  • melody watson
  • "productivity mantra"
  • Living Creatively Journal
  • Matt Damon's Homes
  • kenya
  • mr. pie
  • what is chewable zicam
  • "Melody Watson" + "Atlanta"
  • "melody" and "photography" and New York
  • The melody of The Thoughts are Free
  • Which way up should drinking glasses be stored?
  • berry bowl collander
  • can pregnant woman eat cheesecake?
  • ear12
  • economical living
  • email contact of Watson
  • how long does it take for clay to be bone dry?
  • living creatively
  • making jewelry for a living
  • matt damon impersonation
  • what's the best way to photograph jewelry?
  • why does the scarf keep getting wider when knitting?
  • zicam

Oh how I'd love to have access to the minds of a few of these searchers. What fun it would be to peek across the globe and see those who typed these keywords...and see their faces when they landed here. Yea, generally I find this whole process quite entertaining!

Here's to another year of increased searches that lead random WWW Travelers to me...