What the muscled, tattooed driver of the minivan saw

105053-622040-thumbnail.jpgIt was a Very Mr. Pie Day. We got to spend several hours, just the two of us, together today. And tonight I find myself reliving bits and pieces. (Downloading the photos always brings nostalgia.) One time Joy, (my sis, and his mom,) found a tee-shirt in a catalog. It was imprinted with, "I blog my kid's whole life." She said, "If only you had children..." I told her it didn't matter. She'd covered that for me!

He was, if possible, more adorable than ever today. First I got to see him do his first few high fives. And he declared something that sounded not unlike, "Heck yea!!!" although seeing as how he only knows about 7 different sounds, I'm betting that wasn't his intention. You should have been there, though...it was an excellent laugh.

105053-622042-thumbnail.jpgThen we went to Border's - where you can have lots of yummy coffee, find great books and flirt with lots of strangers - as is both our custom - which made for a perfect start to our day.

Still later (yes, I'm going to give you a modified play-by-play...really and truly,) back home rolling around on the floor he performed all kinds of belly laughs when I dragged him back away from the entertainment unit, threw things (really far...what an arm he's developing,) to show his total disgust and annoyance with the then-current activity, and finally, finally took a nap at sometime after 4. (This is a child who really needs two a day but this day was big on stimulation, so it was a One Nap Day.)

So later, after the nap, in his highchair poking cheerios and making them bounce up and down while I made him a bottle, he started making all these amazing faces and I had to go run the camera. This kid kills me! Such a ham...

105053-622056-thumbnail.jpgAnyway, in a little while it was time to go get into the car and I found myself wondering "How do actual moms handle this stuff???" I had my purse, his overstuffed bag, my bag of workout clothes, (which came in handy during that nap,) my keys... Oh. And this person. So in trying to maneuver all that plus the lock on the door, I put him on my hip, not unlike a "sack of potatoes," kind of head forward like he's about to fly somewhere. He was doing another one of those belly laughs, thinking it was a game, and I'm laughing too, but muttering a little, hoping I don't drop him on his head before I get him and all our accoutrements to the car. This guy drives by and swerves. I swear he did a double take when he saw my little bundle... And I did my own. It's been a while since I've seen a guy that huge with muscles, covered in that many tattoos, driving a minivan.

No worries, though. I didn't drop the kid...