How'd that first week go for ya?

Still more reasons I love my life.Did you like the way your year started? Are you looking back on it and recalling the things that went the way you wanted so far, thinking "Yea, I'd like to have more of that?" Because I am, I thought I'd invite you to share some of your own First Week Happies. Even if it's tiny stuff, like "I finally threw away that broken vase that's been collecting dust for three years when I realized I'm never going to glue it back, and I liked how that felt so I also rearranged the pieces on the mantel and dusted." I like to think that focusing on anything that gives us pleasure has the potential to make room for more things that give us pleasure. And in time, we get more and more of that.

Meanwhile, I'm looking back on my own week and there's quite a lot I'm pleased to share with you, too. And in keeping with my recent decision to update the categories in my blog, I'm adding a new one here: "Lists." I've shared scads of lists in my blogs, and so while this is the only post that appears under this heading now, I'll go back and put in some of the others, too, as time permits. Ready for the list, then?

Highlights from My First Week of 2007 - In No Particular Order:

  • In my post office box, I received a response from a submission I sent to a local gallery months ago. They invited me to set up an appointment to see my work. In just over a week, we've scheduled that appointment and very soon, another local business will be selling my necklaces. Once the details are solidified, I'll tell you who it is and add a link to their site.
  • Yesterday I received an email from someone I've met, who's been passively interested in having a website. He's closer to making the decision, and now that he's taken the time to visit this site, I may be the person he chooses to work with.
  • Having coordinated with the appropriate parties, beginning in February I will once more begin teaching my weekly beading workshops to "my" seniors.
  • I was also able to connect with a different community coordinator who is exploring the possibility of having me teach some similar sessions for her this year.
  • I've been invited to teach yet another beading workshop at an event in which I participated last year. This will be held in the spring, and so I have that to look forward to later on.
  • Two of my existing clients have made great strides in identifying the changes they'd been pondering for their websites. They've each provided me with excellent material and it's going to be great fun helping them both realize these evolving visions for their sites.

It was also a great week personally, and it's been fun to think: if the first week was this good, just imagine what's about to follow!

Hope yours is starting off well, too. Please feel free to share some of your own highlights. We'll use each other's stories to add to our own momentum!