More about that first TV interview

Dsc_0040c.jpg(Didn't you like the way I called it my "first" interview??? I figure after you've done one, you never know what could follow!) To continue from where I left off...

This evening I received some photos that were taken throughout my time today with Roy Ackland and David Weatherly. As promised, I've posted them to my website (since there are more than 3, I put 'em in their own little gallery,) and now I'll tell you a few more details about what was so neat about the time spent being interviewed to be on Roy's Folks tomorrow.

Truly the best part was the natural rhythm of the entire visit. From the minute they walked in the door, until I hugged Roy at the car, I was put at ease and made to feel like I was just hanging out with some old buddies. Never mind my hands were, I noticed, shaking when I paid close attention. There were a couple of times in which David asked me to just work quietly; they wouldn't ask any questions, and I shouldn't say anything...just do what I do as if they weren't there. I was comfortable "doing what I do," but did notice the tremble in my hands. What kind of editing could possibly make that disappear? I guess we'll see.

Since the two of them have been working together for years and years (If I read correctly, the show first aired in '88. That's the year after I graduated from high school!) so much of what transpired seemed to an outsider completely effortless. We talked, they set up, we talked some more. Then David gestured to a chair he'd put in front of the table on which my jewelry sat, asking me to sit down. And then he asked some questions. (Occasionally I stayed focused on the original question; mostly, though, I just kind of talked until he brought me back around. My regular readers? Nope. They're not surprised.) After we'd covered quite a lot of territory, concerning how I came to design this kind of jewelry, my experience as a creative person, and where I see myself going with this, we moved to the table and talked about my process. David taped while I added copper wire to some already-fired pendants. We talked some; sometimes we sat quietly and I just worked. He filmed me hammering the finished forms, and they asked questions as needed.

Dsc_0048c.jpgLater, in the kitchen, I started with a ball of clay and created a couple of pendants while they watched (and taped.) Admitting that I actually don't know what I'm going to make until the clay is in my hand, and mostly even as I'm forming it, felt remarkably comfortable for me. Which is, of course, further proof that this is something I'm supposed to be doing. I quite liked the first piece I made, using porcelain clay - I'll certainly fire it - although I discarded the second.  And then he shot some stills of my displayed work and we gabbed while they broke down and the whole thing was done. Well, first we took some goofy posed photos inside and also outside at the car, and then we were done. Since the whole day was a blur, I can't say how long they were here. An hour? Two? Certainly no longer than that.

So that's that. I have a few other tidbits I may share later, and no doubt I'll want to post a bit more once I've seen the airing on TV tomorrow. It occurs to me that I'm truly overdue for a good work session designing...or three. My inventory isn't what it was recently, and although that's a good thing, in some respects, I'm also needing to produce something fresh...and creative... and representative of my current design sensibilities. (They seem to be shifting at all times.) No doubt this design time will be added to the list for the coming days. Until then, as always, if someone visits my jewelry galleries and sees something of interest, please contact me and I'll let you know if it's still available. And if it isn't, many times I can create something using similar colors and beads. No duplications of designs, of course, but I'm happy to create custom work that attempts to convey a similar feel to other pieces.

Please also know that a number of my pieces are now available at Rag Poets Boutique and Two Art Chicks in Greensboro. 

Okay, sales pitch is over. Enjoy the photos. No jokes about the size of my mouth, either! (Really, I know I talk a lot, but that one photo...who knew??? Um, I'm leaving myself wide open on that one, aren't I?)