Flat tire leads to TV interview? Gonna' be on Roy's Folks!

Having decided to regard yesterday's flat tire as a blessing rather than a curse (since I was with a friend at the time, instead of on Wendover where I'd been headed,) I wasn't so agreeable to find my spare tire also flat this morning. I was already pushing it to be at my 9:20 appointment on time...now I had to call and say I couldn't get there at all.

Forty-seven minutes later I was singing a different tune entirely. Friend and client, Lynn Salsi, was on the other end of my phone wondering what I was doing today. My huffy response, "Well apparently I'm supposed to keep my butt in this chair and get some work done here, since I just had a flat tire and I'm not going to deal with it just yet."

Good thing, too. It's been over a year since she first said to me, "David and Roy need to interview you to be on Roy's Folks!" Her tone had been so matter-of-fact back then, and I'd not quite known how to respond. What do you say to such an assertion? "Bring it on!" "Give 'em my number!" "Do you really think they'd want to interview little old me?" No doubt I responded with all three comments, and although it's been mentioned again more than once since then, nothing came of it before today. 

But then there was today. If I'd been at my meeting accross town, I wouldn't have taken that call. Who knows how long it might have taken to have such an opportunity again? Coordinating things like this between a group of busy, busy people can be tricky. But I was available and I'm not kidding you when I say that within an hour and a half of that call, Roy Ackland and David Weatherly were setting up lights across the room from where I stood while I tried to get my brain to catch up with the turn my morning had taken.

I've had several hours to take it all in, and now I need to get back to the other things that have to be done today. But I wanted to quickly post this to my blog. If I get some behind-the-scenes pictures that I'm expecting, I'll post them later. Along with some fun little anecdotes about what it was like to be interviewed for television. Hint: it was very, very cool. Roy and David are the kind of people I felt I'd always known. So approachable and natural. Completely unaffected. And funny, too. No wonder the show has been such a success for so many years...they've got such a knack for making "Roy's Folks" feel comfortable. Makes me almost forget to worry if I'll look goofy on camera, if all those adolescent-esque zits that have recently plagued me will show up as bright and bold as I'm imagining, or if I'll sound at least halfway literate.

Meanwhile, if you're around and don't have any pressing matters tomorrow, I'm told the segment will air on Fox 8 Wednesday evening at 5:55pm, and again Thursday morning. (I know!!! They turn these things around!) Take a look at the archives if you're interested in seeing past interviewees... good stuff! Roy's Other Folks!