Well it's on the list...

When things are going smoothly (professionally and personally,) you can pretty well guarantee I've got a running list nearby. And that I'm checking in with that list on a semi-regular basis. Turns out it's the second part that's most challenging to me...and the most necessary. Turns out my default habit is to be so proud of myself for creating that master to-do list that sometimes I forget the second part. I get caught up in doing the first few things on the list, and pretty soon... What I'm referring to here, mostly, is my personal juggling, rather than the professional elements.

My people, We of the Focus and Attention Challenged, seem to prioritize and manage details a little differently than the rest of you. It seemed worth mentioning, in case you've ever wondered.

  • It is for this reason that at the top of my list for several days now that the name of a friendly acquaintance I quite like and have quite needed to chat with for several months now, appears first. But I have her home phone number and want to call her there which means the call needs to be in the evening. I noticed her name again this morning when I took out my list for necessary revisions.
  • It is also for this reason that only yesterday it came back to my attention that the cooler used for chilling beverages at my Christmas part just might be still sitting in the garage with water floating in it. Really, I can't say for sure since I didn't make it out there to check. But when it was brought to my attention, I wrote it on the list! Was gonna' go find it, pour out any remaining water, and bleach the whole thing before bed last night. You ask me if that happened.
  • And it is for this reason that the doctor's appointment for a standard checkup I've needed for months just got made. This morning. No need for us to discuss how long I've had that phone call on my lists.

The business appointments? Those go much better. I move those things along, check 'em off, respond to the inquiries, show up for my meetings. We all know why that is, of course: a woman's gotta' put gas in her car and buy the occasional pair of new shoes, after all.  But I'm thinking this morning about how it is that life brings so many varied details and how it is that others manage All That Stuff so efficiently. (Really, I'd love to know. Anybody???)

Best not worry about that now. I have "blog" on my list this morning, and if I check that off, I can move on to 40 more things I'd really love to see a check beside...