The website that took seventeen years...

105053-644142-thumbnail.jpgAre you also one of those people who has a pretty good handle on "How you do things" and other self-identity traits? Because of my own (highly energetic) internal process, I've developed some theories about the way I work. Thing is, though, when you're planning a new project, the other person's working style needs to also be factored into the mix. Sometimes it's easy to forget this. (Kinda' like you might be able to learn a few helpful things in "relationship books" but you won't really know how you'll manage a new relationship until you're actually in one!)

105053-644145-thumbnail.jpgOnce again I've collaborated with Dena Harris on a new project. The first website I helped her out with was the site for her book, Lessons in Stalking.  This time around, the project was even more important. We just finished a revision of her main website, Finally, and at long last, it's been presented to "her public" and it occurred to me that I wanted to share it here, too. Seeing as how it's been such a part of my working life over the past weeks months...

This may be the first time I've taken the time to blog about a new site, recently rolled out. I've been pondering about why this time it's such a big deal to me. I think perhaps it's because I learned so many things about my working style during this project. I learned:

  • That you really can work with friends if the two parties have the right amount of respect and are willing to approach the goals with unadulterated candor and boldness. (Okay, maybe it takes more than that; but in our case we made it work spiffingly.)
  • That sometimes it takes more than a handful of drafts before you're on the same page. (Snort. Read Dena's blog entry to get a bit more insight into the truth of this assertion.)
  • You shouldn't make assumptions that even when you're enthusiastically on the same (exciting,) page at the beginning, you'll continue to be on that same page once you can both actually look at some samples.
  • Because you really, truly, actually might be very far away from the same page. Or book. Or library.
  • Perseverance is a healthy trait.
  • I'm stubborn. And very much like making my clients happy.
  • (But I still wish she'd let me put a photo on the home page.)
This was great fun, Dena. Thanks for the opportunity! Now, if anybody finds this page and needs to hire a freelance writer who has a magnificent sense of humor that parallels her drive and determination, I got your girl right here...