Another art chick

105053-635559-thumbnail.jpgOne of the galleries people often enjoy visiting in downtown Greensboro is Two Art Chicks, seen here in the photo I shamelessly stole from their website then cropped for my own personal use. Yesterday I spent some time there talking to Tracy and Melody. Although the visit wasn't only about talking.

Two Art Chicks is now carrying some of my jewelry. Not only can you now find my beaded clay pendant necklace designs there, but they also took some of the more simple clay pendants on cord that some people prefer. (Non beaded jewelry wearing type people, that is.) And since I was wearing a pair of my own earring designs, too, as soon as time permits I'll also be delivering some of those. (Perhaps some photos of those soon...somehow the past festival season ended and I never photographed these new designs. I'll tease you though - a subtle swirl of copper surrounds a hammered slice of sterling. I know! Don't they sound great??

After working out the details with Tracy and exploring the recently updated location so I could enjoy some of the really exciting pieces on exhibit there, I was getting ready to leave and one of my very good friends, Marcy Reid-Smith arrived. The reason I mention this is that her mosaic mirrors are remarkable and they're on exhibit there, as well. Along with some of her fused glass pendants.

In time I'll be setting up a new page to list the galleries and boutiques where my jewelry is carried. (You see how much progress I made on the last update I promised would be ready by now. No need to add more pressure to the list. What is it they say? "First things first." Yes. That's it.)

Anyway, it was (another) really a great way to start off the new year and I thought my regulars would be pleased to know, as well.