It's true: they probably don't care...

105053-629134-thumbnail.jpgAfter writing 3 paragraphs of truly uninspired proportions, I deleted the whole rant. It was so bad I won't even share the topic with you.

There's a book I've been reading, on the side. It's called, No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, by Margaret Mason.  That's the same Margaret Mason of Mighty Goods shopping blog fame. She knows whereof she speaks. Her book is interesting, inspiring, and also sitting over there in a basket where I haven't bothered to go get it.

Okay, that's just silly. Light's on. Book's in my hand. Let me pique your interest; no doubt my blogging friends will appreciate that this book exists. Most of the "chapters" are a single page. One topic per page, offering a topic you might write about, many times sharing examples, and fleshing out the idea just enough for you to get her point. Love the book.

Here are some of the ideas that might work themselves into my blog as a result of having purchased this book:

  • Curate the web
  • Play favorites
  • Give a tour
  • Show some skin
  • Engage in finger pointing, snickering
  • Say thanks
  • Collect the greatest hits
  • Let us cheer you on
  • Show us your B-side
  • Take up stalking
  • Share the joke

Now here's a question: What topics have crossed your mind in the manner of "That'd be interesting to read"? Don't have your own blog? Here's your chance: add to Melody's List of Topics. You never know...I might just use it one day!

Now go have yourself a great Friday...