Wonky filenames, funky critters & the lazy blogger

105053-626190-thumbnail.jpgSo here's how it went down. I remembered the blue from the photo in the last post. I wanted to see it again. I pulled up my home page. Looked at the blue and thought, "Amazing! And if I don't get a great piece of inspiration tomorrow morning for my blog, I can always find another photo I've taken - ever - and post it, along with a story about it.

Then I got curious as to what I have on hand, (which is to say not on a CD in storage, or on a CD in some other place filed away in this room, or on a flash drive, or other random can't-put-my-hand-on-it electronic storage location,) and started poking around in my photo files.

105053-626195-thumbnail.jpgOnly to discover that I actually, Really And Truly No Lie, have a folder entitled "Weird Bugs." Seriously.  I can prove it. Let me show you. It's a good thing I have this folder, too, because you never know when you're going to need to take pictures...of strange critters.

One day a few months ago I saw this little gem of a creepy crawlie walking around in the pinestraw outside my current abode. I'm aware there are people who might have taken their curiosity to the next level and done some quality research. (Um. And also that there are people who might have thought "Hm. Red bug. Yup. Okay then!" and moved along with their day.) Me? I grabbed a camera, shot a few photos of it, filed 'em in An Exceptionally Well-Named Folder... and promptly forgot about 'em.

105053-626192-thumbnail.jpgSo, here you are. The weird red "bug" that was crawling around outside my home. Anybody know what it is? Feel free to enlighten me. If not, well, now you have just that much more insight into the little gems and tidbits that pepper my days. Oh yea...good stuff, that. Weird bugs. Snort.