They're bored, and need stuff to do!

105053-626403-thumbnail.jpgThis business of peeking back through old photo files and sharing shots with you is starting to catch on with me. I'm really enjoying the little walks down memory lane that they're providing. Since I have yet to really harness the real power of Squarespace concerning the way they handle image presentation, by bothering to set up photo galleries for my readers - or at least my parents - to enjoy, (Currently I have actual galleries for my jewelry designs, some workspace &  process shots, and some "good times" photos...sorely lacking, since I have a lot of good times,) there really aren't that many photos on this site.

Relatively speaking.

I'm the one at the party with the camera. Not always, but mostly. And things always, always strike me as interesting. Take this shot, for example. Again, this is from my Seattle trip last spring. We were in one of those great neighborhood Saturday morning markets I wrote about here and here, and popped into a nearby thrift shop. The sign really quite says it all, don't you think?  

If you see an item hung or displayed a certain way, PLEASE put it back the opposite of how you found it. We're bored! And we need stuff to do!