Portable pendant glazing

105053-462503-thumbnail.jpgLast year when I put all my stuff into storage and decided my career, if managed appropriately, could be fairly portable, I tried to put together little systems of portability. Today I tried out another one of those little systems of mine.

At my sister's house for a few days, I decided to start glazing some of the nearly-200 pendants that sounds really cool to say, ("I have 200 pendants to glaze." Wow. That's a lot of potentially cool necklaces.) until the reality of all that work sets in. (Glazing isn't necessarily as easy as brushing a coat of acrylic paint across a little wooden disk. Trust me.) So best to not think about All That Glazing that looms ahead of me, and think, instead, of the piece in front of me. This idea, often theoretical in my life, goes hand-in-hand with the theory/philosophy I'm trying to embrace which suggests that Living In The Moment yields greater happiness than continued focus on what already happened, or could happen later on.

105053-462506-thumbnail.jpgSo I set up my little glazing station on the end of sister's kitchen countertop, had a baby nearby for fun entertainment and easy access (she was actually holding him the first go 'round,) and had at it. I've decided to fill in all those little square-shaped indentions in a few of the pieces shown in these images with black, then glaze the rest of the pendant various other colors. The black should lend some fun depth to the finished product. Theoretically. You never really know until you Add Extreme Heat then wait and see.

Later I needed to work closer to the baby and he was so content in his high chair, looking out the back door at the glorious day, that I set up another little station on the dining-area table (it's one of those handy open floor plans. At least I think that's what they're called,) and sit close enough so that each item tossed to the floor by the Easily Bored 6 1/2 month old could be easily retrieved by the hand that wasn't glazing. Our little system worked long enough for me to finish what you see here. By then he'd had enough so I decided I had too. Now he sleeps. I think I'll go actually finish a few of these pieces.

Good thing the whole 200 of 'em won't be handled this way, eh?