Do they see your website the way you do?

105053-461220-thumbnail.jpgIt pays to discuss your web design choices with someone else. Even when you make what feels like - to you - a minor update to your site, there's a possibility that others aren't approaching it the way you are. Because my sister tried to do something last night while she was looking at my site that it never occurred to me that someone would try to do (we were talking on the phone at the time,) I'm reminded today that I have further to go with "straightening out" my website (which has gotten a bit busy and jumbled, I must say, and you might have been too kind to say,) than I'd realized.

What I thought of as tidy little bullets in my header graphic (to cut down on the rambly-esque nature of the formerly run-on narrative included in the header before,) she thought of as intended links to different sections within my site. Alas, they are not! (Although that would be handy and I'm going to have to address that missing element really soon.) But once pointed out to me what seemed to be broken links, I could see her point.

And so I'm changing the header...again. This one I'm about to upload is a temporary fix that defers to the length of today's to-do list. for now I'll just have a photo with the name of the site. Later on I'll continue with the updates. 

Aah. And some people have time to be bored...