It *seemed* like a good design idea, but...

105053-459984-thumbnail.jpgFirst comes the idea. It's rendered in clay, the shape so pleasing, the lines quite... touchable. This idea solidifies as the clay dries, is smoothed, fired, glazed, fired again. And the thrill of seeing that piece that held such potential, finally ready and available for the "finishing touch" that the beads will ultimately provide. And then...


Where'd that come from? It looks completely unlike anything I ever meant it to look like. My mind cries out in horror at the sudden monstrosity before me. What has been Glorious is now...well, icky.

105053-459986-thumbnail.jpgThen resurfaces the beauty of being A Creative Person. Wheels start turning. Mental questions start throwing themselves around. Hmmm. A bit of wire, yes? How about copper wire? The richness of copper with this glaze could be nice. Oh, and a subtle swirl to echo the design etched into the surface. Yes, that could be quite lovely!

Well, as it turns out, there's sometimes more than one round. I'm on "take two" and this one isn't going to work, either. I certainly don't want it to look like I've just stuck some copper wire through the hole and bent it and twisted it into a little knot thingie and left it that way. The chosen design has got to make you feel it was always meant to be there. As if you can't imagine the piece without the copper. See? I'm not there yet. (Had to put the whole business down and give it a break.) But I will be. And I'm thrilled to see this much improvement even at this phase.

Sure beats throwing the whole thing away!