New pendants: I'm so easily excited

105053-458640-thumbnail.jpgSo what have I been doing that's kept me from blogging? you ask. Well, thanks for checking! I'll tell you. (It's very exciting.) Well, besides hanging out with The Coolest Baby I've Ever Met and reading books by Very Funny Authors I Just Discovered, I've been on a Pendant Design Extravaganza Like None Other.

As of this writing, some of my diligence was just rewarded when I picked up a new collection of completed pendants including those you see in the accompanying photograph. And more exciting than that (as if it could get more exciting than the "reveal" - a word that's so Reality TV, don't you think? - of 25+ brand new pendants by their occasionally-impatient creator,) I had the opportunity to load one of my potter-friends' kilns with a honkin' pile of "bone dry" pendants that needed to be bisqued. To be more specific, (yes, I counted - my enthusiasm was so great I couldn't stop myself,) there are one hundred and ninety one new pendants currently being heated to quite elevated temperatures so that in mere days I will have the opportunity to glaze them.

Oh yea, I'm pretty easy to please.

So I know you won't be surprised to learn that I'm now on my way back to the next phase in my creative cycle. Time to make some necklaces!