One week and one day away...

asheborofallfest.jpgOne week and one day from today I will be setting up a booth at the Asheboro Fall Festival. Every day that passes, I learn more and more what a big deal this is. Whenever it comes up in conversation, one more person tells me what a big deal it is. Local people. People who are not local. I've gotta' get out more.

Perhaps it's bad form for me to admit this...that I wasn't quite as aware as I should have been, just how huge a deal this festival is. But in my defense, the booth was turned over to me by friends who weren't able to prepare for it as thoroghly as they'd anticipated, months ago when they purchased the booth space. They of course know what a big deal it is. (That they purchased booth space months ago, should be evidence in and of itself, seeing as how some of the other festivals I know of seem to just now be getting their publicity materials out.)

Atlanta Friend and I were talking on the phone night before last, and I told her about it. She said, "Of course I've heard of Asheboro! They're in all kinds of magazines!" So my excitement and simultaneous anxiety are building.

Best to go back to the table and continue designing new pieces. All those recently-fired pendants are just waiting to be turned into something really spectacular! It would be a real shame (a cryin' shame, as they say,) to have worked so hard for so long to make more pendants than ever before, and have them still sitting here on a shelf without having been completed, when the festival dates arrive.

So, mark your calendars: October 7 & 8, 2006. I'd love to see all my local customers and future customers! And if you can't make it, surely you'll have the opportunity to come by the Pottery Festival at the Greensboro Farmer's Curb Market. I've been there for years and love, love this local event. Surely you will too... October 15, 2006. Mark your calendars!